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Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles
Sunday 10 December 2017
Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles

Two months ago Active Exposure Photography had the pleasure of photographing a magnificent holiday maison in what I can only describe as paradise on earth - Eden Island in The Seychelles. The Seychelles are one of the world's most beautiful tropical islands destination on the planet, an archipelago consisting of 116 islands.The limited number of stylish Maisons for sale on Eden Island in Seychelles have been carefully designed to optimize comfort and privacy. Specifically designed to provide privacy from adjacent properties, these homes offer immaculate interiors that feature large windows and uninterrupted views of the surrounding waters and forests.Specializing in architecture and interior photography, a genre that is my absolute passion, has certainly enabled me to see and experience a side of life only a select few are privileged to. Capturing private spaces is something I will never grow tired of. Myself and my team at Active Exposure are the largest professional real estate photography provider in Johannesburg, South Africa. A client of ours recommended our services to the owner of this stunning maison in Seychelles, and before we knew it we were on a flight to paradise to do what we do best - creating visually compelling images of the property to attract maximum buyer interest and in turn to achieve the highest possible selling price. What a pleasure! 

Proud member of AIAP and REPA
Tuesday 02 April 2013
Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles

For some time now I have had the privilege of being a proud member of both the AIAP (The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers) and REPA (Real Estate Estate Photographers of America & International) trade associations. Both associations exist to connect buyers with the worlds most talented, qualified and respected architectural and real estate photographers. Having an AIAP designation immediately tells the world that architectural photography is your speciality - not merely a convenient sideline as with many commercial shooters. All members work has been screened and client references verified.Here is some more information for those interested.The AIAP Mission StatementThe Association of Independent Architectural Photographers is an internet-based trade association with one primary purpose:To promote the professional success of established independent architectural photographers.The AIAP is not a vehicle for social change, a bandwagon for political agenda or a soapbox for business reform.The AIAP will strive continually to bring new and better clients to its members through innovative and aggressive marketing techniques. At the same time, the AIAP will make a constant effort to educate and inform the photography buying public as to the merits of hiring a qualified (AIAP) architectural photographer.AIAP Code of Ethics Maintain the highest level of ...

Beautiful Johannesburg Westcliff Home
Friday 29 March 2013
Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing home situated in the picturesque suburb of Westcliff. I was commissioned by Clare Vasta and top area realtors Kimberly Dods & Carol Truter from Pam Golding to create a set of daytime & evening images of this beautiful home for their marketing purposes. I was in heaven whilst shooting this home and always feel the photo session is far too short when I have so much fun.For any enquiries on this property, contact Carol on 082 466 1045 or Kimberly on 082 601 2099. Pam Golding Head Office: 011 380 2099For some history on the area, I can not say it better than the write-up done by Raymond Cardosa on the Parktown Heritage website""Westcliff forms the West end of the Parktown ridge, which is shaped like an amphitheatre and affords glorious views across the sylvan Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg all the way to the Magaliesberg Mountains on the horizon. The Gold reef, it was soon discovered, ended along the southern flank of the present CBD, so the natural advantages of the ridge were soon exploited as being residential land of great value. The first people to build along the summits of the northern ridges were the aristocracy of the early mining industry, at the start of the 20th century. A plot on the ridge soon became a must for the very rich and the truly influential, and the ridge became very exclusive. IIn ...

Bold and Colourful Dining Room
Tuesday 26 March 2013
Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles

The highlight from my shoots today is without a doubt a very bold and colourful home situated in the lovely Waterford Estate in the heart of Fourways. I will never be so brave to play with colours in my home as has been done here, but the result is quite remarkable and to me will be unforgetable. I am used to seeing artsy homes mostly in the Melville area of Johannesburg where many brave homeowners style and colour scheme their homes in sometimes radical ways, yet the final results mostly seem to work! This home could have been plucked straight from Melville and planted where it is now.Here is a quick sample from the shoot today. What do you think of this? Are you brave enough to attempt something like this in your own house?

Before and After
Sunday 24 March 2013
Real Estate Photography: Eden Island Seychelles

When it comes to photographing interior and exterior spaces, it is critical to capture the true essence and "feel" of the environment in your images. Doing this is no easy task, which is why architectural and interior photography is regarded by many as one of the most difficult and challenging genres of photography.What separates the average results from the spectacular results is directly related to lighting, both natural and supplemental. When my clients require only the best, we take the path less travelled and fully light each room. We do not just take images, we create them.Using the example below from a shoot we did yesterday, the BEFORE image is a manually blended composite image using three exposures (underexposed, normal exposure & overexposed) and using mainly the available light with a very low dosage of fill light. No further editing was done on this BEFORE image. The AFTER image is the same blended exposure, but with accent lighting applied to specific areas to draw the viewer in, highlighting textures and to add dimension to the photograph. The accents have a subtle yet powerful effect of making the scene look more moody, more romantic and overall more inviting. Compare the cushions, cabinet and end of the bed to the before image to see the subtle differences.We have full control over how we want the images to look, and will consistently produce images ...