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Tuesday 02 April 2013
By Herman Bosman
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For some time now I have had the privilege of being a proud member of both the AIAP (The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers) and REPA (Real Estate Estate Photographers of America & International) trade associations.


Both associations exist to connect buyers with the worlds most talented, qualified and respected architectural and real estate photographers. Having an AIAP designation immediately tells the world that architectural photography is your speciality - not merely a convenient sideline as with many commercial shooters. All members work has been screened and client references verified.

Here is some more information for those interested.

The AIAP Mission Statement

The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers is an internet-based trade association with one primary purpose:

To promote the professional success of established independent architectural photographers.

The AIAP is not a vehicle for social change, a bandwagon for political agenda or a soapbox for business reform.

The AIAP will strive continually to bring new and better clients to its members through innovative and aggressive marketing techniques. At the same time, the AIAP will make a constant effort to educate and inform the photography buying public as to the merits of hiring a qualified (AIAP) architectural photographer.

AIAP Code of Ethics


  1. Maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity, and be above reproach in all professional business practices.

  2. Maintain an atmosphere of fairness and cooperation with other photographers.

  3. Foster an attitude of mutual benefit between client and photographer in all negotiations, contracts and transactions.

  4. Never misrepresent one’s own qualifications, capabilities or reputation or impune the reputation of a competitor.

  5. Never conspire with other photographers to artificially inflate fees, fix prices or otherwise engage in any other illegal or unethical business practices.

  6. Maintain accepted legal and professional practices, such as obtaining property and model releases and utilizing written contracts in all assignments and projects.

  7. Seek to uphold and fulfil all professional contracts, obligations, commitments and expectations.

  8. Maintain a level of trust, confidentiality and proprietary respect with clients in all projects and assignments.

  9. Maintain a high level of honesty and responsibility toward employees, contractors and suppliers, and always honour one’s own financial obligations.

  10. Decline any assignment that would compromise full compliance with any tenant of the AIAP Code of Ethics. Connecting photography buyers with the world's most talented and respected Architectural Photographers since 2001.



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